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Jefrey G Hamilton

Designer & Developer

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When I was about 8 years old, I received a copy of The Print Shop for my Commodore 64. I was intrigued with this early computer and spent time creating and printing hundreds of different signs, posters and banners with that program. At that time, I had no idea that it would lead to a profession that I grew to love.

During high school, only basic computer courses were offered — word processing and introductory to computers. I became very interested in art and photography. Like most teenagers after graduation, I did not have a major in mind. After taking a variety of college courses for 2 years, I was floundering until I started using computers that were available for students.

I researched colleges and found a place that offered courses that I actually enjoyed. Everything came together.

I studied Advertising and Brand Identity, found my passion, and have been a creative professional for over 20 years.

Since my first job after graduation, the computer world has changed. I have worked in a variety of areas.

The job which challenged me and made me a better employee was at a start-up company called eCarList. There I became a front-end developer, as well as a graphic designer. Being the first person hired at this start-up company, I learned to work quickly and efficiently and I learned new programs. In 5 short years, the company grew to more than 60 employees.